Our Kendo program uses Haedong Kumdo styling.  Generally based on the standard Japanese arts of Kenjutsu, Iaido, and Battodo. Haidong Kumdo is a great physical.  

Kumdo means the way of the sword. Today, Haedong Gumdo refers to the Korean Martial Art of Swordsmanship. It is comprised of battlefield techniques that were developed over centuries of wartime in the Korean peninsula. Its purpose is to execute justice with the light of the sword that is as majestic and brilliant as the morning sunlight on the east sea.
It can trace its roots back to the 3rd century. For centuries, sword fighting was practiced by Korean soldiers as a primary means of defense. Today the sword is no longer practical as a means of combat and so its practice became structured as an art for mental and physical development.

Modern Haedong Kumdo practice is structured in a variety of ways including fundamentals, forms, combat drills and cutting of objects like bamboo and straw bundles. Beginners practice with the wooden training sword to develop fundamentals. Advanced practitioners train with both the wooden training sword and the forged steel sword.

This is a great and exciting form of exercise that is very challenging physically and mentally.  Both adults and children 10 and up can participate in these classes.