The need to learn to protect yourself is greater than ever.  Just an example from a local facebook post:

“I work at Sagano in Brighton, Mi. Tonight after work I noticed a red jeep wrangler parked next to my white jeep wrangler. Not thinking anything of it, I checked my messages before I began to drive home. Out of nowhere a shorter male about 30-35 appeared at my drivers side window. He stared at me for about 15 seconds and before I could lock my door he had already begun pushing in the button on my door handle to open it. I pulled my door all the way shut, and locked it immediately. He kept staring at me, knocking on my window. I rolled my window down JUST A TAD and said “can I help you? why are you opening my door?” he said he needed me to help him with his gear shifter on his jeep and he knew I could help him. I said sorry sir i can’t help you I have an automatic. He pulled out his phone to show me pictures of “his jeep” (the jeep in the pictures was the jeep next to me, which by the way had the doors off) I repeated again that I couldn’t help him. I told him I have to go and that I couldn’t help him. I waited until he left, thats when he DID NOT get into the jeep next to mine, he got into a Honda (I think it was an accord, an older model) thats when I knew he was lying about everything, he was just trying to get me out of my vehicle for WHATEVER sick reason. I sped away and called the police to file a report. This happened RIGHT outside my work building, and it can happen any where, at any time. No matter how small you think your town is. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, and be safe!”


We believe that you need muscle memory to defend yourself.  Many out there offer a one time seminar that usually runs three hours.  Since muscle memory can take months to achieve most lose their training in their courses in as little as one month.  Typically 80% of what students learn will be forgotten within 24 hours after taking such a class. As time moves on, they may only retain about 5% of what they had originally learned.  This is why we like to offer a monthly alternative.   Please email or call for more information and to find out when classes meet.